Our Statement

The Wisdom Islamic Studies and Education (WISE) is an institution that provides enlightenment to all who seek wisdom in the faith of Islam. The mission of The Wisdom Islamic Studies and Education is to serve the community as per the teachings of the Holy Qu’ran , the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the Islamic knowledge through Islamic History and Contemporary issues.

Seeing the need to help the global Muslim deal with the challenges of modern life whilst remaining committed to Islam, WISE offers a more positive and understandable perspective. Observing by the timeless guidance of Quranic teachings, Prophetic knowledge and harmonizing the best of contemporary thinking, we aim to engage the mind with this insightful experience.

The organization respects all participants regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender or age to become enlightened by a clear perception and understanding of Islamic teachings.

Our Goals

Our aim is to inspire an appreciation of Islamic values by teaching and researching the religion and its foundation, and by determining their quality in a changing society through a caring and peaceful environment.

Our mission is to also outline the following objectives:

To administer, maintain and expand the existing programs and activities.
To apply the most useful curriculum, providing students to achieve academic goals.
To construct and maintain facilities appropriate for educational services.
To promote and maintain positive relationships with other religious experiences.
To promote and maintain positive communication with the U.S. general public, the mass media, and other religious centers.

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